DTD Episode 1: Unleash the Creative Within by Visual Problem Solving


It’s our very first podcast and I am really excited to talk about how communicating visually can benefit not only you, but those around you. Visual communication can be used as a tool to problem solve, ideate and create. All of which are important no matter what your background is. So this podcast will focus on  your journey to create, the benefits, and how to prepare you to “Unleash” the artist within!

Key Podcast Topics:

1.  Advantages of getting experiences in several disciplines

a.  Why develop experiences in two different types of disciplines? Hear about my journey to quench my own thirst for knowledge in Industrial Design and Engineering

2.  Problem Solving from a Design Studio Background

a. Conceptualization

b. Craftsmanship

c.  Class A Surface generation

d.  Feasibility and Preliminary Engineering

3.  Problem Solving from an Engineering Background

a.  Preliminary Experience and overcoming lack of confidence

b.  Learning from new experiences in engineering

c.  Understanding the value of assembly

d.  Quality Control

4.  Product Development Process

5.  Brain Conditioning and Tunnel Vision

a.  Right Side of the Brain Function

b.  Left Side of the Brain Function

c.  You don’t HAVE to be an artist

6.  Continuous Education, Knowledge, and the result of Self Improvement

a.  Continuous improvement can help you develop ideas and eventually connect the “dots” with all your varied interests.

b.  What’s the point of Self Improvement?

c.  Globalization and Growing Competition

7.  Benefits of putting time and effort when you are in College

a.  Playing in the sandbox

b.  Learning more than the curriculum requires

c.  Being Curious about assembly and functionality

d.  The benefit of learning engineering and design

e.  Leverage Free online classes like Khanacademy.com

8.  Benefits of putting time and effort when you are a Professional

a.  Making the time to create AFTER work EVEN if you have a family

b.  The value of turning the digital tools away and bringing out the Paints, Pencils, Sketch Pads, etc..

9.  When the MAGIC Happens!

a.  The end results of doing all the above.  The AHA Moment!