DTD Episode 2: The Four Ds to Success


DTD Podcast Episode 2 What is success?  How does one acquire a mindset for success?   Can drawing enable you to be successful in your current job?  Sometimes it’s all about the mindset.  On this episode, we will discuss the 4 D’s to success, Drive, Determination, Discipline, and Draw and how these principles can take your skills to new levels!

Key Podcast Topics:

1.  Overcoming Failure

a. The Coolest Cooler – Largest Kickstarter Funded Campaign that initially Failed


2.  4 D’s to Success

a.  Drive

b.  Determination

c.  Discipline

d. Draw

3.  My own issues and self doubt with drawing

a.  Overcoming severe lack of confidence

b.  Comparing myself to others


4.  The mindset of Continuous Improvement and Excellence

a.  How to prepare your mind when going to college

b.  Focus effort and practice

c.  Holding yourself accountable for your goals

d.  Importance of fundamentals

e.  Overcoming impatience

5.  My own Successful Kickstarter Campaign

a.  My How to Draw Cars DVD set

How to Draw Cars Now Kickstarter Campaign