DTD Episode 4: The Cost of Inaction


DTD Podcast 4 – The Cost of Inaction – Everyday people regret not doing things for themselves and come up with excuses as to “why” they can’t do something instead of why they “should” act on their dreams.  We’ll talk about some of the causes of inaction and how that can effect you from getting things done and how you can change your mindset into going after the things you want to achieve in life!

Topics of Discussion:

1.  A Students Problem with getting Results

2.  The Balance between Intimidation and Inspiration

3.  Developing your Internal Curiosity

4.  Anxiety in Drawing

5.  Time Management – Tips on how to free up more time to accomplish your goals.

6.  Results of Inaction – The Regrets

7.  Recap – Causes of Inaction