Digital Sketching: Sketching Cars with the Fujitsu Lifebook


Sketching Cars with the Fujitsu Lifebook

Getting started with Digital tools can be a little intimidating but if you are a professional artist or designer and have NOT taken the plunge, I strongly recommend preparing for the transition. Nowadays, most college Design curriculum’s  cover the use of digital tools for drawing and if they don’t, then they should.

This tutorial is going to demonstrate my use of a Fujitsu Tablet PC Lifebook.  If you want a full review and rundown of the cost and specs, you can check out the post here.  In this demonstration I will be drawing an Audi sports car.  Audi is one of my favorites brands and there are particular key characteristics that define the Audi brand such as the grille.  Audi also minimizes the use of chrome plating and applique around the outside of the vehicle.  They maintain a really clean aesthetic profile with a wide stance.

It took me a while to get used to sketching on this lifebook. It’s definitely not the same as sketching on a piece of paper.  Just the tactical feedback and response you get from sketching on paper has a completely different feel then to that of a digital pen and screen.  However, different doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing…it’s just something that you need to get used to.

This is why it is crucial to practice using BOTH mediums.  Digital and Analog tools to ensure you stay connected and true to both forms of artistic expression.  Painting for instance on a tablet tablet pc with a tiny digital pen plastic nib is completely different then the spring of the bristles on a paint brush and thus provides a completely different experience.  I love to switch back and forth because each tool compliments each other in different ways that aid in the creative process.

Check out the sketch notes below to see the key ideas when creating this sketch.

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Sketch Notes:

1.  Establish your perspective View

2. Determine the proportion and sketch in your ellipses

3.  Observe key characteristics of what makes a certain Style part of the Brand

4.  Continue to detail out the Sketch

5.  Research the Subject Matter

6.  Create Overlays to refine the Design

7.  Add finishing details with Cross Hatching and Shading