Sketching with Markers: Sketching a 3 Quarter View Ford GT


Sketching a 3 Quarter View Ford GT

Sketching a 3 Quarter View Ford GT for  this demo was a little rough. It’s been quite some time since I have sketched and just like anything where you don’t practice…your sketches can get a little rough.   Even if my sketch is less than perfect, it’s value add for others to see this as there is nothing wrong with not getting things exactly correct.  You just move on and keep practicing.

What I did for this demo was to take one of my favorite 1:18 scale Ford GT models and shoot several pictures and use them as a photo reference.  Like drawing any other object, it is important to understand the proportions for each car you are drawing.

That’s what I did for the Ford GT starting with the wheel base.  Once I establish the wheel base, I proceed with going with sketching the rest of the car such as identifying where the doors are and the roof line and so on.

Keeping track of these details is a major benefit as you are essentially “training your mind” to adapt to