Painting an Apple good enough to Eat!


Painting an Apple good enough to Eat!

If you remember, I had created another water color painting tutorial about painting a rose.  If you have not watched it, it’s definitely worth your time so before going into this tutorial, you can click the image below.

Painting the Rose in Watercolors






For most of you that only like to draw cars or transportation related items, then you are definitely missing out.  Today’s demonstration is going to be about painting a rose using watercolors…..or is it?  It’s important to note that despite not being a full expert in watercolors, my background and focus on fundamentals allows me to create a believable rose.  Why is that?  This is due to how I OBSERVE reality around me.  If you are able to sharpen your observational skills, then you can apply certain techniques using ANY medium.

This is the magic  you will discover when you learn to visually communicate visiting Driven to Draw on a daily basis.

You have to constantly remind and talk to yourself by asking the critical questions:

  1. “Why am I doing this in the first place?”
  2. “How do I make myself better?”
  3. “What are the steps that I need to take in order to progress?”
  4. “What is my end goal?”

About the Apple

So as I mentioned in the earlier post about the Rose, you’ll understand it is not about the Apple but your ability to break the apple down into the following:

  • Color

  • Lighting

  • Shape

  • Texture

  • Value


Painting Technique:

1.  Start with a base color.  I started with a deep red watercolor.

2.  Begin to saturate the entire apple in this color.  

3.  I start to then introduce different hues such as a little orange into the apple to give it some warmth.  

4.  Then I start to add a darker color red to give the apple some form.  Add this to the shadow side of the apple meaning the area turning away from the light.  

5.  I then use a darker brown color for the base of the apple stem and then gradually lighten it to where I get to the tip of the stem leaving a little white space where the light source is.

6.  Again I will start adding more red to the apple and start to texturize the apple to give it more depth

7.  Almost done here but you can not add the highlights with a little bit of white watercolor paint.  Make sure the paint is not too white and thick.  Start with a thin layer and then gradually build.

8.  Finally, Apples also have these little “dots” all over so I use a yellow hue and speckle these dots around the watercolor painting

As always…tell me what you thought about the video and whether you found it helpful.  What struggles are you having? Let me know and comment.

Remember, I believe in you, I know you can do it.  Just take consistent action and you’ll see improvement.

See you here on the next post! Now go out there and do something creative 🙂 Thanks so much for watching!