Marker Rendering – Rendering Automotive Headlamps


Marker Rendering – Rendering Automotive Headlamps

In the previous sketching example, I drew a headlamp and discussed the benefits of drawing components rather than an entire vehicle.  If you’d like a full explanation, then you can check out the previous article and video here.

Developing your visual ability as an artist necessitates keen observation.  This includes applying color to your sketch.  At first, this can be difficult as you try to navigate through all the various kinds of colors and how to apply them.  Our color application of choice will be markers on Laser copy paper.  Laser copy paper is cheaper to use than marker paper and it will suffice for now.

I’ll be using several different brands ranging from Chart Pak, Marks a Lot and Spectrum Noir.

When you want a full illustration or you feel like getting super serious using markers, you can start using marker papers.  I’ll have a different video when it comes to that.

They key thing with markers is to work very quickly with them.  Don’t try to labor over your work. Try to identify beforehand which colors you want to use before executing the sketch. Though this sketch may look a little simple as you watch the work being completed, it can be difficult when you actually sit down to practice the technique.  This is because of the following problems most people have when working with a new medium.

1. They are not used to the “feel” of the markers

2. They have not developed enough motor control and fluidity in sketching

3.  They have not developed the knack of executing and indicating quick details

All of the above take time to develop.  These are the areas I hope to help you improve upon.

So check out the video and let me know what you think.

If you have any questions at all, please comment below.   I’d be glad to answer them.

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