How to Draw Cars Video! – Two Point Perspective Templates Part 1


I gotta say I am pretty excited about the next round of videos coming up!  I want to make sure that drivenmavens ends up being the gift that keeps on givin….especially for those who purchased our first commercial product, How  to Draw Cars Now: Analog vs. Digital Drawing Techniques.

These next round of videos will hopefully keep you engaged and interested in your dvd set by actually giving you some homework! (What?! Do my ears deceive me? I actually have to work on this?! YES!!!)  So we are going to kick off the first video on the Perspective Templates that were on Disc number 2.

The objective for the templates at the beginning is to experiment with different primitive shapes.  Before starting this lesson be sure to do the following:

1.  Spend 15 min warming up with drawing lines.  Try to make them as parallel as you can to each other.  If you need a reminder, pop the first disc in that covers warm up exercises.

2.  Relax….it’s no big deal ;)  You’re just drawing some boxes with a little bit of basic form

3.  Get into the mindset of learning…you are not here to impress anyone…you are just here to learn and get better.


4. After watching the video …be sure to practice the technique immediately.  Don’t wait till the next day, tackle it straight on.  I suggest you print several pages of the template and try to complete 5 pages.  There are two templates per page so you should have completed 10 drawings in total as a start.  Remember that handy little insert booklet that has the practice schedule? Now would be a good time to look at it ;)