Digital Sketching: Drawing Cars with Details


Drawing Cars with Details

Once you get comfortable with general shapes and forms, your’re ready to start getting into some details here and there.  Getting into details doesn’t necessarily mean you must draw every little piece of the car, headlamp, tire tread, though you can if you want, but it’s more about knowing how to indicate details by playing with dark and light colors or just a higher contrast.

This is a fun stage.  I remember being mesmerized watching my friend Richard Duff, sketch cars with such precision and details that he used to often emphasize getting into the habit of “scribbling” details in and merely indicating them.  You don’t quite get it until you start to get comfortable with drawing and focus less on perfection.  Perfection. remember will always come with time and practice.

Also remember to work with sections so you continue to define your forms.  If you forget….check out the video on drawing with sections here.

So without further delay, check out the video below!