Digital Sketching: Drawing the Front View of a BMW


Drawing the Front View of a BMW

We’re switching it up a little bit and going to get into a little more details.  First off…I’m going to create a front view sketch of a BMW 3 series.  I’m going to do this by showing off a really sweet feature in painter called the “mirror” tool.  This allows you to sketch one side of the car while painter mirrors the geometry to the other side.  Very cool and a BIG time saver if you want to belt out a few concept sketches that necessitate symmetry.

Step 1:

Lay the ground work for the proportions of the front view

Step 2

Lightly add in the essential components  such as the grill, headlamps, fog lamps, etc

Step 3

Once you have all the components lightly sketched in, turn off the mirror function in Painter and start to shade one side of the vehicle.  This will break the complete  replicated look of one side to the other and give it a more “natural” and “spontaneous” feel to your sketch.

Take Away:

STAY LOOSE!  Don’t sketch heavy handed! Above all…HAVE FUN! 🙂 I know I am.

Check out the video!

Tools used:

Tablet PC

Software – Painter 12

Wacom Pen

The above tools were used to “simulate” traditional drawing methods.  Please note that if you ARE a beginner, it is key to start creating your sketches with paper, markers, and pencils.  It is THE best way to charting your path to be a sketching pro!