Freehand Sketching – Wide Angle Car Sketch


Freehand Sketching – Wide Angle Car Sketch

Here is a sketch of a car using a wide angle shot.  I’ll have to admit right off the bat that I screwed up because in the midst of drawing this car, I switched my perspective.    The biggest problem when choosing a perspective is to strike the balance between a very FORCED perspective and a  moderate wide angle view.  I started off creating a box that was too tall and had to cut it down to size as it ended up being too dramatic.  Somewhere in between, I made the correction without showing the the finished perspective box. Continue on with practicing this method.  Check out the sketch notes below for further instructions on what to do.  Make sure you exercise some patience.  Drawing is never easy but give yourself time to adjust.

If things get too difficult, break down the car to even more simple forms.  Block the larger shapes in, then build your detail levels from the larger forms.  hope you have fun! If you have any questions at all, comment below!

Sketch Notes:

1.  Choose a balanced view. How?  Look at some existing reference material and block out the perspective for each view.
2.  Start drawing the simple shapes to your perspective lines.  Start off slow and easy.  Concentrate on matching your form to the perspective
3.  Build your shapes on top of each other slowly increasing the complexity.  If things get difficult, pause and analyze your work.
4.  Sketch 3 more cars with different views

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