Sketching: Freehand Sketching and Scribbling Techniques


Freehand Sketching and Scribbling Techniques

Struggling to draw in a smooth and consistent manner? Well…Don’t! Just try to scribble instead! Sometimes scribbling is a nice way to take the “edge” off when drawing and has it’s own charm. Who doesn’t like to scribble? Even with something as difficult as drawing cars, it’s better to just try different methods in drawing. This video will focus on how to just scribble and create a nice effect!

The trick is to make sure you at least know your basics and fundamentals in drawing.  Without that, it’s going to be hard to execute a scribble and make it look halfway decent.  That said you still do not have to focus on smooth consistent lines.  Learn to sort of be loose with your lines and not overly constrained.  Above everything else, enjoy the process of experimenting and trying something different as it challenges the mind. Just remember that different techniques help you to improve your skills.

Sketch Notes:

1.  Use a marker – brand is not important as long as it has a sharp tip
2.  Some marker paper
3.  If drawing a car, make sure you are laying out proportions and make sure your perspective is in check.
4.  Start scribbling and laying out your car sketch
5.  Enjoy the process of learning!

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