Drawing Fundamentals – Drawing a Printer with Basic Shapes

Drawing a printer sounds pretty boring.  Especially if you are a car lovin’ dude or gal that gets their kick drawing things that go FAST!  The path of a great artist always involves drawing a bunch of things you may not like or see as boring.  So lets talk about the purpose of why we are going to draw a printer in the first place.

This video focuses on drawing fundamentals.  A lot of times people get confused on how to take an ordinary shape such as a cube and try to make it into a tangible product or sketch with some form to it.  This video along with many drawing fundamental videos will show you how to apply the knowledge gained by practicing basic shape sketching.

Purpose of Exercise:

What is the purpose of this exercise?  The purpose of exercises of drawing this printer or any other BASIC object is to build up your visual vocabulary.  I think when I was in school , I had a great deal of difficulty with drawing because well….I felt bored. I was bored of drawing basic shapes but didn’t understand the importance of fundamental drawing exercises.  I didn’t see it as an “exercise,” but rather “work” that was boring.

I had ZERO idea that these exercises enabled all other areas of your design process, thinking, and then to execution.

Step By Step:

1.  Use 8.5 X 11 sheet of blank paper

2.  Draw a box in 2 Point Perspective and estimate the converging lines as best you can

3.  Add a triangular shape to the box on the front face

4.  Define the center point of the top face of your box using the Diagonal line method.

5. Draw the center-line section from the top of the box through the triangular face

6.  Add a Curved Surface to the front face by offsetting the center-line section to the position shown in the video.

7.  Draw your curve at the top and bottom of the shape

What you’ll notice in this demo, is that you can relate even a simple shape like this into an object such the front windshield of a semi truck.  You can then begin to understand how to add radii to the edges of the shape.  We’ll cover this particular topic of rounded edges in another video.

If you have any questions about this video, please comment below and let me know what you think.  If you have any other suggestions for video topics, definitely contact me.

Just remember that I believe you can do this.  Just focus, continue practicing and you will be amazed at what you can do.

Have a good one.