Sketching with Markers: Drawing Cars on Newsprint Paper 4


Drawing Cars on Newsprint Paper Demo 4

Drawing Cars on Newsprint Paper continues with another  sketch session. This time around, I’ll be sketching with a sort of “dry” marker.  What’s a dry marker? Dry markers have just a little bit of juice left in them to help give you some varying line weight.

It will allow you to lay done some lines “lightly” so it doesn’t look like it’s “in your face” so to speak.  Another thing you can do with dry markers is to use it to setup your construction lines before you commit to the page.

Again..this is sketched out in a larger newsprint pad.

Getting such practice exercises in larger format will be crucial to developing your drawing skills.

So sit back and watch the video.  If there is something in particular you would like me to sketch, let me know.