Drawing Cars in Two Point Perspective


Drawing cars in two point perspective can be challenging.  Even mastering 1 point perspective is difficult but after releasing our DVD set, we made sure that we created some tools to  help you along the way.  I have always preached that learning fundamentals and basics in drawing is key.  In fact it is the key to just about EVERYTHING you intend to learn in life.  The reason being is if you do not learn the fundamentals of a subject, becoming a master is impossible because it relies on your ability to hone your basic skills.

So drawing in two point perspective is no different.  You have to study the core principles of two point perspective, then apply the basic principles by taking action, then repeat the process.  Only then will you be able to easily commit these techniques to memory without much difficulty.

Some people want the easiest route but the easiest route will not get you to your ultimate goal of being a proficient sketcher.  This is also the main reason we draw primitive shapes in perspective such as cubes, spheres, and other basic forms.  It is so the mind can rationalize these shapes before understanding more complex forms.

If you have some free time this evening, sit back, relax and watch this video.  We continue where we left off last week by sketching a car using the two point perspective templates that came with disc two of  How to Draw Cars Now DVD Set.