Sketching with Markers: Drawing an Audi TT Sports Coupe


Drawing an Audi TT Sports Coupe

Though the American OEMS have been improving in the recent years, especially GM with their stunning Cadillac line,  other luxury brands seem to be on top of their game too.

Let’s look at Audi.

Audi has been pushing the boundaries of design ever since they released their “Bauhaus on Wheels”, the TT back in 2000 after its original inception in 1995. Their architectural approach was fresh, innovative and gave the world something they had never seen….especially with its accurate translation into production.  The Audi TT has gone through a study evolutionary design process and has evolved from their basic architectural shape to more aggressive styling.

Just notice how the front headlamps have change for instance.  Back in 2000 the headlamps looked passive but fit the form language.  Now the headlamps are quite aggressive.

What I have found lately with Audi’s exteriors is their refined chiseled and harmonious styling that leads your eye through each surface transition leaving you begging for more. Every transition is precise and purposeful. Each cutline and break in the surface is consistently tight, clean, and crisp, creating graphical elements to their geometric forms that only accentuate its overall beauty.

So without further delay…check out the video for the quick Audi TT sketch!