Drawing a BMW 3 series Part 2


Only a couple days till Christmas so here is DM’s gift to you!  We finish off with Part 2 for our BMW sketch.  This video will concentrate on executing the details now that the foundation has been set.

Step 1:

Continue to add details to the sketch.  Start refining and defining all the critical areas of the sketch such as the grill.

Step 2

Start adding a little line weight in the areas you want to bring attention to.

Step 3

Cross hatch the rest of the car.

Take Away:

Hope you enjoyed this and be sure to have a terrific Christmas Holiday!

Tools used:

Tablet PC

Software – Painter 12

Wacom Pen

The above tools were used to “simulate” traditional drawing methods.  Please note that if you ARE a beginner, it is key to start creating your sketches with paper, markers, and pencils.  It is THE best way to charting your path to be a sketching pro!

If you are looking for a beginners course, our popular introduction to transportation design will cover excellent fundamentals and basics in analog and digital drawing formats.  Plus! It supports this blog for free content :)