Best Movie about Race Cars..EVER!!! Grand Prix!!

Image Copyright by Warner Bros

Probably one of my favorite racing movies of all time.  I guess it is not so much about the plot of the movie (which was horrible) but the spectacular photography!  Simply amazing for director John Frankenheimer to pull off such ground breaking fish eye views and close ups of 1960’s grand prix cars.

James Garner and the rest of the cast and crew were also tasked with driving the cars for real to further enhance the realism of the movie and their roles as professional race car drivers. You could say that most of the intense scenes with the actors screeching through corners and sling shot through the straight aways involved no acting at all!  It takes laser focus and deep concentration to even handle the vehicles.

I picked up this gem for $4.99 in the now deceased HD format and what a treat it is to watch it in HD!  Watching it on a large 110 inch screen projected onto your wall literally makes you feel like you are smack dab in the action smelling the burning rubber and fuel.  This movie has really helped to inspire me create more artwork from that genre!  A definite must see!