Digital Sketching: Aston Martin Vantage Designer Sketch!


Aston Martin Vantage Designer Sketch!

Let’s face it…Aston Martins are sexy lookin refined beasts!  Creating an Aston Martin Designer Sketch is a lot cheaper than buying the real thing(unless you’d rather buy the 1:18 scale). The Vantage is pretty pricey topping around $180 for the V12…so I suppose I won’t be buying one of those soon…but I will gladly take a 1:18th scale version 🙂  So drawing this sports car in particular  was a lot of fun for me to do.  I would also like to take note that I decided to create this sketch on my Fujitsu T-5010 tablet with a wacom enabled digital pen.  I don’t get all the pressure levels like a cintiq tablet but it’s definitely good enough for me considering the excellent price.

This will be a rear 3/4 view.  The vantage has such beautiful proportions that it’s probably one of the perfect sports cars to use in terms of proportion and stance on a vehicle.  Design cues remain relevant from previous model years by maintaining the signature grill shape (though you won’t see it on this sketch).

The Vantage’s design is so clean and pure that cosmetic details are used at a minimum so you can behold it’s gorgeous exterior styling.

Hit the jump on the video below and let me know what you think!

Looking forward to your feedback