There are many bad habits when it comes to drawing whether you draw cars, people. landscapes. products, etc. In this post, I will discuss how to cultivate some better habits in drawing and how to avoid the bad habits.

Here are the 5 things to avoid when drawing.

  1. Do not sketch with stiffness – Don’t be too stiff when you start sketching. You have to stay loose and consistent. So when you draw simple shapes such as curves.
  2. Do not be heavy handed when sketching.  Feather touch. If you are too heavy handed, then you end up committing to the work because your line weight is too excessive. So sketch things out lightly first so you plan out your drawing before you commit to finishing it.
  3. Don’t try to make your drawing too complicated. Simplify – Simplifying your drawing is the key to success and eventually building details. Give your mind the time to absorb the simple shapes and forms, master it, then move on to more complicated objects.
  4. Do not compare yourself to others – Comparing is very dangerous. There is a balance between inspiration and intimidation. If looking at someone else’s work inspires you, then great! However, if it intimidates you from even starting, then you need to change your outlook and not compare yourself to their work. It takes time, practice, and patience.
  5. Do not focus on the quality of the instrument  – The tools you use will not make you a better artist. You could use a crayon and create some cool images but only if you understand the basics.  Focus on practice and you will eventually be able to draw with anything.
  6. Attachment to your artwork – Do not get attached to your work. Be willing to throw it away if your quest is to become a professional. If not, then it’s ok to hang up your drawing and take sheer joy in the fact that you are creating something from nothing 🙂

Hope these tips help!