The Art of Thumbnail Sketching – Sketching a Ferrari 330 P4 – Sketch 2

The Art of Thumbnail Sketching – Sketching a Ferrari 330 P4 – Sketch 2

I have a few  videos that focus on smaller sketches that we call “thumbnail sketching.”  Thumbnail means sketches that are small.  I enjoy doing these sort of sketches because they do not rely on any certainty on what you are trying to accomplish.  They are fun and informal way of communicating your ideas…whether it be for yourself or a client.  However, in this particular case, I am merely sketching a sort of “cartoon.”

The subject that I chose for this particular exercise was another classic car. The 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 .  I think it’s one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s ever made and a BEAST at the same time.  It was built to combat the Ford GT40 in the Lemans.  It has an incredible amount of character.  It was a hand made car that brought together engineers, craftsmen, and designers.  It’s incredible to even believe such a car was built by people.

This sketch is Part 2 of our thumbnail sketching series.  If you have not see Part 1, then you can check out the video by clicking on the image below

Art of Thumbnail Sketching 1

 Purpose of Exercise:

The purpose of these thumbnail sketches is to explore several sketches before completing a final rendering, drawing, or painting.  It helps you to explore the subject matter without any refinement.  I would argue it is probably one of the most creative parts about designing or drawing.  This is where you can explore a particular technique in a smaller size without making a complete commitment.

Thumbnail sketching is a terrific way to ideate and an essential part of being creative.

Step By Step:

1.  Use 8.5 X 11 sheet of blank paper

2.  Create some smaller borders or “boxes” throughout the page so you can create possibly 6 drawings on a page

3.  Start looking at several photo references for you to draw from.

4.  Explore different views of your subject.  You can even add your perspective lines to help setup your view point for a drawing

5.  Use a black fine top pen such as a Sharpie to create your thumbnails.

6.  Enjoy the Process. Be sure to try and complete the next 5 pages of sketches.

Hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to come back for the next video which will focus on a front 3/4 view of this car.

If you have any questions about this video, please comment below and let me know what you think.  If you have any other suggestions for video topics, definitely contact me.

Just remember that I believe you can do this.  Just focus, continue practicing and you will be amazed at what you can do.

Have a good one.



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