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Erick Beebe

I was looking for good online classes on automotive rendering and found Arvind’s course “Rendering Eye Popping Reflections” on Sketch Drive. I was very impressed by how much knowledge Arvind brings to his lessons. He obviously knows the subject matter. He cuts right to the point of understanding how light behaves, and its subtleties when striking vehicles to make your designs really stand out. His genuine passion for the subject matter shows in the way he encourages students to improve with every lesson. I highly recommend this class.

Will Postle

You have created a fantastic course encouraging me to set aside a bit of time each day, devoted to sketching for me. I really feel like I have a better understanding of how to recreate reflection using markers. Which was certainly my aim jointing the course. I hope there is opportunity to do some more courses with you in the future.

Luke Thompson

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for a great course. I have picked up a whole lot of new techniques for drawing and I’m sure I’ll be referring to them for some time to come.

Thomas Zurcher

I had a lot of fun working with your material..the videos are very clear and understandable. I was happy with the improvements I could make. I hope I will be able to continue to learn how to describe surfaces better. But also to improve my design skills overall.