There are several types of proportions to consider when drawing cars.  It can be a sedan, sports car, SUV, truck….whatever floats your boat!  Today it’s about the sports car.  This is a very quick tutorial defining the proportions of a two door sports car.  There will more detail on this in the future.  Keep on the lookout for some free reference material downloadable in a PDF file format.

After viewing the video, please comment or let me know what you think or what videos you would like to see.  Make sure you take the time to watch the previous video on “sports car sketch.”  Thanks for viewing and keep drawing!


  1. The displays and your personal demo was a study for novices, who appreciate art but don’t do or unable to do it by themselves. It was a treat to watch you draw the car with care to detail. I hope you will continue your art and move to other areas in the furture. Good luck!

  2. You Rock, Keep the videos coming. You make it look so easy, I look forward to trying some of the tips in your tutorial.


  3. this is awesome… it helps me so much in understanding proportions of a car! thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge, effort & time!

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