Our 1st Featured Design Maven! Hyundai designer Jason White

jason white profile

Jason White graduated from the College for Creative Studies in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Transportation Design. While at CCS, he was awarded internships at Chrysler Corporation and William M. Schmidt Associates. He worked as a designer at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan from 1999-2006. His contributions there include the 2008 Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner interior and the 2007 Ford Super Duty instrument panel. Jason is currently an associate designer at Hyundai in Superior Township, Michigan.  He is also an adjunct instructor at CCS and a contributor at CarDesignFetish.com.

Check out the samples of Jason White’s outstanding work.  Pure hotness!!  What I love about Jason’s work is his versatility in style and subject matter.  A true designer that is not just focussed on automotive but several other areas of design inclusive of product and furniture.   Upon speaking with Jason, it couldn’t be more evident that he has a solid understanding of design and a passion that is undeniable.    A learned individual, with a thorough understanding of design history and their influences in our modern world, Jason stresses on the importance for students to work hard and have a true passion in their area of expertise.   Upon looking at his work below, you cannot help but to get charged up and excited about the world of design in general!  Just goes to show what drive, determination, discipline, and of course drawing…will get you! Keep on a lookout for Jason’s hot canson rendering tutorial coming soon!


ink and chalk on wood

Check out this unique use of chalk and ink.  I first thought this was on canson but it is actually on a slab of wood!!scan_sheet_example


A couple of canson illustrations above.  The color of the canson is primarily used as the base color of the car. One needs to only add the darker tones and highlights to pop the images out of the page.  Excellent examples!

The man can create cartoons too!
Super Duty IP

Escape IP

Couple images above shows Jason’s production work on the Super Duty Truck and the Ford Escape IPs.Caballo chair

Form follows function!  Classic, simple, and elegant furniture designs.L7 chair

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