Freehand Sketch of the 2014 Mazda 6

Freehand Sketch of the 2014 Mazda 6

Mazda’s been lighting up the automotive styling scene with a fresh look of “badass!” Indeed the Mazda 6 combines not only elegance but also a pureness in design language worthy of a new era in styling.  Mazda calls their styling “KODO” Styling meaning “soul of motion” and that is exactly what the beautiful sheet metal communicates.  Mazda engineers and designers brilliantly bring the Takeri Concept to life keeping most of the concept intact with exception to the headlamps, side view mirrors and fog lamps.

The beautiful trend that we see before our eyes is the necessity of automotive component groups such as “lighting” to sort of think outside the box and create innovative lighting components(as we have seen with LED) to main stream mass production.  As these companies race to bring innovative products to fruition, you’ll see more cars getting closer to their conceptual visualizations.

For this particular sketch, I chose to concentrate on the front end.  Just love how powerful the front end looks.  Simply killer!  The intersection of the grill graphic to the aggressive headlamps.  The pronounced shoulders at above the wheel well give it strength and body.  It’s such a tremendous improvement over the previous model years and at first appearance, makes a bold statement with an elegant presence on the road.  I thoroughly enjoyed sketching this one up.

Some tips to consider when drawing:

Sketch Notes:

  1.  Tools – Prismacolor premiere pencil
  2.  11X17 Hammermill Laser Paper
  3. Start off loosely sketching the entire view of the front end
  4. Staying loose and fast, add details to each side of the vehicle
  5. Add more details to one side, creating a focal point which adds visual interest to the drawing

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