DTD Podcast 8 – Ask Arv 1: Is it too Late to Become an Automotive Designer?

DTD Podcast 8 – Ask Arv 1: Is it too Late to Become an Automotive Designer?– This is a question that I receive very frequently and it’s a tough question to answer because a lot about what I am going to tell you in my response…depends on YOU.

We received a question from one of our friends, Wasim,  inquiring about a career shift into automotive design.  Wasim wanted to know whether it was too late to become a designer.

In this episode and our first Ask Arv Question, I will break down the steps to becoming a designer and the critical questions you need to ask yourself about a chosen career path.

Topics of Discussion:

  • The Globalization of Design Schools
  • The Pressure to reduce costs
  • The quality of education abroad
  • Growth in Asia 
  • Increased Competition
  • The Problem with Design Education and Mindset in Asian Countries
  • What is the likelihood of being an Exterior Designer?
  • Sacrifices
  • Commitment
  • What do Design Schools typically expect from potential students when applying?
  • Do I have to be gifted or a natural at drawing?
  • Creativity
  • Carbodydesign.com – our friends at Carbodydesign has a full list of colleges that are currently offering automotive design.
  • Am I too old to become a designer?

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