Drawing Fundamentals Form with Sections

As I have mentioned numerous times, the secret to consistent execution and style starts with mastering the basics.  Everyone wants to skip the basics and start with the “good” stuff.  That’s fine…it’s ok to make a go and try to draw more complicated objects but it must be balanced out with practicing the basics. Without the basics, it will be much harder for your drawings to achieve a matured and professional look.

What we will do in this video demo is to concentrate on how you can draw simple forms using cross sectional shapes.  Buy using cross sections, it will help your mind to understand what the form is doing throughout the surface area.  By changing the section at particular locations, it will force you to think of how the surface transitions will relate to each other.

Sketch Notes:

1.  Demo assumes a reasonable grasp of two point perspective drawing
2.  Start with sketching a box in 2 point perspective
3.  Begin to build simple shapes on top of each other
4.  Transform these simple shapes using cross sections


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