When I was a kid, Transformers 1st generation cartoons were the coolest thing ever! I remember watching Transformers the Movie and being emotionally torn when Optimus Prime was killed! The cartoon had everything a kid could ever dream of.   Robots…that turn into cool cars that shoot lasers!

Now that I have kids of my own, my two boys often bring me back to those times where I played with transformers as a kid. Only difference is that my two boys LOVE to draw them.  With my kids inspiration, I decided to pull out the Sharpie pen and give it a shot….during their Karate class!

Mind you, Cars is my main forte but I am compelled to expand my skills drawing just about everything!

When drawing anything new, it’s all about observation and how to interpret what you see. My friend used to draw these awesome robots by just indicating details.  I marveled at his capacity to just make quick scribbles into complex looking gears and wires all over the robot and render it quickly.

After finishing the sketch, I brought it home to have some fun and render it up!

Check out the video to see the entire process fully narrated by yours truly!

Would love to hear about some of your childhood stories and what you liked to draw as a kid!

Hope you enjoy it!


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