The 5 minute Sketch! – Sketch 1

Introducing the 5 min sketchin’ exercise! This video tutorial shows you how to sketch a car in 5 min….or somewhere around there 😉  Why? Well….creating dynamic looking sketches require a lot of practice and precision.  The only way to help train your mind to interpret and incorporate details in your sketch, is to force time limits.

You don’t need to focus on design, just sketching and incorporating details as quickly as you can. This will help train your brain to accurately draw shapes and give it an artistic flair.

These principles will help you to build a very “dynamic” look to your sketches with life and movement. Just remember that it is always about learning and building your current knowledge base.

Hope this inspires you and enjoy the video!

Tools used:

Tablet PC

Software – Painter 12

Wacom Pen

The above tools were used to “simulate” traditional drawing methods.  Please note that if you ARE a beginner, it is key to start creating your sketches with paper, markers, and pencils.  It is THE best way to charting your path to be a sketching pro!

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