DTD Podcast 12 – Interview with Stan Prokopenko – From Artist to Entrepreneur

DTD Podcast 12: Stan Prokopenko from Artist to Entrepreneur – Often times when I see people on Youtube that I find interesting with a high degree of talent, I wonder what drives them to accomplish so much. Stan Prokopenko, an artist and entrepreneur, is one of those special guests, that has completely exceeded my expectations on all fronts! He debunked the “Starving Artist” stereotype and epitomizes what most of us would consider being a “success.” Which is enjoying and loving what you do and bringing impactful change to peoples lives in the form of art education.

DTD Episode 7: Jack of all Trades Master of Many?

DTD Podcast 7 – Jack of all Trades Master of Many? – It’s often been said that being a Jack of all Trades is a bad thing. Why? Because you are not a master of anything and when you are in a corporate structure, you have to be skilled in a particular area in order to get hired for that job. However, being a Jack of all Trades is not necessarily a bad thing as my think. In fact it can help open your mind to new ideas and discover your true passions in life!

DTD Episode 6: The 5 Stages of Creativity for Product Development!

DTD Podcast 6 – The 5 Stages of Creativity – Lacking in Creativity? I have the solution and it comes in 5 steps! Creativity is an illusive subject because many people talk about it but have no idea HOW or WHEN they can implement creativity. However, when people think of creativity, what comes to mind are colorful illustrations, paintings, musicians, etc.. Creativity is a process however, and a process in which you are trying to solve a particular problem. This process can be cultivated into your lifestyle and guide the way you think.

DTD Episode 5: Broadening your Creative Outlet with John Bleau

Hey Folks! Today we have a very special guest.  I thought it would be important to get a different perspective about art, design, and expanding your creativity.  There are several people out there that have fantastic skills and some people know how to use them in different ways.  Product Designer, John Bleau, is one of …

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DTD Episode 4: The Cost of Inaction

DTD Podcast 4 – The Cost of Inaction – Everyday people regret not doing things for themselves and come up with excuses as to “why” they can’t do something instead of why they “should” act on their dreams. We’ll talk about some of the causes of inaction and how that can effect you from getting things done and how you can change your mindset into going after the things you want to achieve in life!