One of the biggest issues I had as a beginner designer/artist was my impatience to jump in and try to rendering with color. When working with markers, it can be really scary to figure out how to blend your colors without making it look muddy.
To remove a little bit of this fear, I came up with 3 AMAZING TIPS WHEN SKETCHING WITH MARKERS.

1st Tip is to start with grey markers.  If you start with a very light tone, it will allow you to plan out your drawing withouth having to commit to any major linework.

 The Second Tip is to simplify your drawing. This means you should reduce the complexity of the subject you are drawing to it’s more basic shapes and form and indicate details with smaller strokes.

The Third Tip when working with Markers is to limit the amount of overall colors. If you try to use too many colors, you will get confused. Using grey markers will allow you to understand value changes and still provide your drawing with a decent amount of visual interest through hightened contrast.

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